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I have two different accounts right now - one for work, one for play. It helps me stay focused, and it's quite useful.

However, sometimes I don't really love switching back and forth between user accounts sometimes. Thus, I've thought up an idea: What if I had 2 different Docks that I could switch between with a keyboard shortcut?

Thus, my question: Can I create 2 different Docks with 2 different sets of apps on each of them that I can switch between with a keyboard shortcut?

Example: Dock 1 has Finder, Mail, Safari, iTunes, Chrome, Trash on it; Dock 2 has Finder, Firefox, Trash, Opera, and Dictionary on it. I press Command-Option-0 and it switches to Dock 2. I press it again and it switches to Dock 1.

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You could use an Automator service or one of the global-keybaord-trigger apps to run a script that switches between two different Dock preference plist files and then relaunches the Dock.

#you'd have a dock-work.plist and dock-home.plist file 

cd ~/Library/Preferences/

if [ -e dock-is-work.state ] ; then 
    rm dock-is-work.state
    touch dock-is-home.state

    #save changes to existing Dock setup

    #copy home setup to main preference location
    rm dock-is-home.state
    touch dock-is-work.state

    #save changes to existing Dock setup

    #copy work setup to main preference location

osascript -e "tell application \"Dock\" to quit"

(I haven't done bash if-then-else in awhile, so this might not execute as is.)

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You can use DockSpaces. (They just switched to a paid app, but you can download it for free here)
Dockspaces allows you to have up to 10 different docks that you can switch back and forth with hotkeys (Command + 1, Command + 2, etc.). I found it to be a really great app and really easy to use.

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I normally don't go for paid solutions, but this one looks interesting & useful. Hmm... – JavaAndCSharp Apr 2 '12 at 10:26

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