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Please advice a free application for Pomodoro time management which:

  • Can be minified to menubar and shows remaining time there (like tomighty):



Here is what I dislike about mentioned apps:

Pomodairo can't be minified in menubar (instead it has annoying mini window which covers application you work in)

Pomodairo miniwindow

Tomighty is a timer without tasklist so you need to keep tasks on paper which I don't really like.

Here is related question I've asked at

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there is also wunderlist which is made with appcelerator Titanium. It GLITCHED a lot and it's not pomodoro. – Alex Bolotov Apr 2 '12 at 0:53
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Pomodoro looks like it might do what you need.

  • Can be minified to menubar and shows remaining time there (✔)
  • Has a tasklist (possible ✔) Its called a log in the app and the webpage says for each timer you can "add a meaningful description, press Ok and pomodoro starts")

enter image description here

The latest release is available on the MAS for $5. However, the developers site also says you can either download an older version for free, or build the latest source yourself:

Buy the latest approved release from the Mac App Store℠, go to the Downloads section to get old 0.31 binaries, or access the source at the git repository to compile on your own the latest and greatest version.

Pomodoro is open source: you can donate a small amount of money if you really liked it and don't want to buy it from Mac App Store℠.

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Activity Timer works well. It's free (as in free beer) in the App Store and it integrates well in the task bar.

enter image description here

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