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I want to use my happy hacking keyboard with ipad.

I just read an aritlce about changes on ios 4.2. One of changes I noticed was that voltage changes for camera kit on ios 4.2. I also read that USB keyboards no longer works with camera kit on ios 4.2.

Is that true?

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If you have a powered usb hub your keyboard should work... – user4380 Mar 13 '11 at 6:30
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I could have sworn I've managed to use a USB keyboard with my iPad, and it shipped to me with 4.2.1 installed. Maybe my keyboard uses less voltage (it's one of those semi-novelty foldable ones).

Perhaps you could get around this limitation with a powered USB hub?

Update: I've recently heard rumour of someone working on a solution for this.

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Yes it is true, I just connected my USB Key Board using Camera connection adapter, and it shows "Accessory unavailable, The attached accessory uses too much power".

iPad Software Version: 4.2

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