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I'm trying to avoid having to sync my iOS devices with a computer for any reason, but so far haven't been able to come up with a way to find a youtube video and cache it locally so when I leave an internet connected area I can still view it.

The methods to do it that are most common all involve a computer:

Saving online videos (e.g. YouTube) and moving them to iPad for later offline viewing?

Is there an app, or a process I can follow, that will cache youtube videos on the iOS device for viewing in a slow internet situation, or away from internet access?

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Are you open to Windows software, Mac software, software as a service or do you want answers to be narrow to one particular OS running the capture software? – bmike Apr 2 '12 at 4:10

Video Downloader Pro Lite is the app you're looking for.

To begin a download:

  • Browse on the web.
  • Select any video on any website,
  • Click download.

It works pretty well for me!

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I'm using FoxTube for caching many youtube videos for offline viewing, and I just love the app. iPhone version iPad version

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