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I'd like to use iTunes to extract Album Art into standard image formats (such as .png or .jpg), so that I can back them up in a location external to the iTunes library. How can I do this in iTunes?

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  1. In iTunes select the song and press +I to Get Info.
  2. Go to the tab Artwork and press +C to copy the Artwork.
  3. Open Preview.app.
  4. Select File → New from Clipboard from the menu or press +N
  5. Save the file to a custom location. (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, ...)
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For completeness sake, in case anybody else comes searching for how to do the same thing on iTunes for Windows, here's the process:

  1. In iTunes, select the song, right-click, and choose Get Info.

  2. Go to the Artwork tab.

  3. Then, click & drag the artwork to your Windows desktop. It makes a file.

That's it.

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