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On my MacBook, with 10.7.3, if I go to ~/Pictures/iPhotoLibrary, no images show in the Finder, though it does say "size 4.01GB". If I double click on iPhotoLibrary, iPhoto opens up — is this the only way to view images and drag files, etc? Can't I view them in Finder?

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The iPhoto (and Aperture) library is now a package — it's still a folder on disk, but in order to view its contents, you must explicitly choose File > Show Package Contents in Finder (or you can right-click on it).

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Be aware, this isn't good practice since you're working with the original files!! Once you made a change in tha package content, you won't be able to return or revert it in any way... –  Michiel Mar 28 '12 at 20:12
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I found this answer helpful http://superuser.com/questions/186385/how-to-open-iphoto-library-folder-on-a-mac. Specifically "When you have an "open file" dialog (to choose files to upload, etc.) on the left there is also a media section which makes it convenient to access iPhoto photos. Pretty easy actually, no need to navigate through a package."enter image description here

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