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what is the quickest way to transfer a bunch of photos (and videos) that come from an iphone to another iPhone's camera roll?

  • Sync with iPhoto/Aperture is not an option: they wouldn't end up in the camera roll
  • Opening from email or dropbox one by one and saving them is not an option: too many!
  • A big email is not feasible

AirSharing and Dropbox apps are apparently of little help, since I couldn't find a “save all” command.

Any suggestion is welcome, third party apps too!

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Phoneview - is a great option. It's fast too. Connect iphone, copy the files to your desired directory, disconnect. Connect other iphone, copy files to desired location on iphone. Boom!

Drag n drop ease. Free download, and cheap too. edit: it allows you to see entire disk media folder :)

alt text

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LOL! I already had a license for PhoneView, but didn't know this feature! I'll add the details to complete the procedure, for future reference. Open PhoneView, enable entire disk (preferences), put all the photos in one of the APPLE100, or APPLE101 subdirectories of the DCIM directory, then go into PhotoData and delete /PhotoData/Photos.sqlite and /PhotoData/PhotosAux.sqlite. Last step, close and reopen the Images app, and the iPhone will rebuild the database. Sweet, thanks! – Agos Dec 4 '10 at 23:35

there is another free way to transfer one photo or many photos from iPhone to computer. That is, you can use Apple's Wifi Photo Transfer to do it. The only disadvantage is that your iPhone and computer should on the same Wifi networks.

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Can you explain in detail how this would work? – patrix Nov 4 '12 at 16:49

One way to transfer photos to your camera roll: Send the photo via email to yourself. When you open the email on your iphone tap the photo once; camera roll message appears you tap on the camera roll icon and voila! it's transferred to camera roll.

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Bump can do this. Also try PhotoSync.

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Bump is no longer available. – brasofilo Mar 21 '14 at 15:17

You can use Rollit to import your photos and videos into to the camera roll.

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You can use " PicBack - Photo Transfer App " it works with a regular USB cable, which is 3x faster than WiFi transfer and there is absolutely no third-party software to install it imports photos and videos directly To camera roll and it can also find duplicated photos , very handy and very easy to use, you can find it at the app store


Give that a try ;)

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Isn't PicBack a third party app? – Mark Apr 1 '15 at 0:02

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