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I just won a 6th generation iPod nano at an auction, so I didn't get the box or the instructions. I've mostly figure it out, except I can't figure out where they hid search. I had it on my old nano and it was handy. Is there some arcane double tap or funky gesture I need to use? Unfortunately, trying to search for "search" on the web hasn't been super fruitful.

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It looks like this iPod doesn't have this feature: it's not mentioned in the manual ( - even in the index.

However, you can go to all items starting with a certain letter. From the manual (on page 20):

If the list you’re browsing has an index, drag your finger down the index to show a large letter superimposed over the list. When you reach the letter you want, lift your finger.

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Bleh. The index is nice if you already know the first letter of the song you are looking for. Unfortunately I don't know the "official" name of all the songs in my library. I don't understand why they took away such a non intrusive feature, especially when it would have have been one of the rare cases where a touchscreen was better than the clickwheel, which I also miss now that I have been playing with the 6g for a while :( – Peter Recore Mar 30 '12 at 18:07

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