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I have some songs that are encoded in Apple Lossless on my MacBook Air. They are in iTunes Matched.

When I add the songs I get 256 kbps. I cannot add via iTunes because I have Match enabled. If I turn off Match, my songs get wiped from the iPhone.

How can I get my Apple Lossless songs to coexist with my Match library without wiping them every time I switch?

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This is not a real answer, but in short: You don't. –  Max Ried Mar 25 '12 at 18:21

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You could use a different media player app that does not use the iPhone music library but uses it's on memory. Then you can upload your lossless music files to that app and play it. Something like AnyPlayer might be suitable.

Or, if you have a dropbox account, you might find songbox helpful.

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One workarond would be to change the media type for those files from music to podcast or video. Match would ignore them in the future.

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