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I drag a movie onto the iTunes icon. iTunes imports the movie, and then begins playing it for me automatically.

How do I stop it from playing the movie automatically?

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according to this macworld article, do the following in Terminal, quit & relaunch iTunes

defaults write play-songs-while-importing -bool FALSE
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Doesn't work for drag-and-drop of mp4 video into iTunes 11.3 (54) 64-bit on Mac OS X 9.4 Mavericks. – jaepage Jul 13 '14 at 5:16

Use cmd+O inside iTunes instead of drag and drop, at least that worked for me!

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There is a thread here on the Apple Support forums that mentions your problem. Here's what you can try:

The most consistent way I've found to solve this is to drop your files into the "Automatically add to iTunes folder." How I do it on a Mac: Navigate to Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/ Seconday click on "Automatically Add to iTunes" Select "create alias." - this makes a shortcut, for those who didn't know Click and drag the new shortcut you just made to your desktop or launchbar or somewhere else where it is more convenient for you. Drag any new files that you want to add to iTunes onto that from now on, if you don't want them to autoplay.

Another user suggests that you can use the shortcut of -O, or just use the open dialog to open your media.

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Another way is to drag the movie or song to their respective folders in your library, and then use the file - import method in itunes to add it to your library without having it play when it's done importing.

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