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I'd like a quick way to start tethering using my iPhone, hopefully just using the keyboard. Using the bluetooth menu, I can choose the Connect to Network option in the submenu for my device, but is it possible to automate this?

Ultimately I want to assign this to a shortcut in (the very awesome) Alfred.app, but anything using the command line or AppleScript will work.

Is this possible? Thanks!!

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It doesn't look like there is a direct AppleScript dictionary for working with Bluetooth this way.

You could use GUI scripting though, which basically uses the accessibility feature of the Mac OS to select menu items, etc.

A great writeup on how to start with GUI AppleScript is available on MacOSAutomation.com.

GUI automation can be difficult if you have a constantly changing list of things, but if you commonly have a list of bluetooth items connected that stays the same you should be ok.

You could then call this AppleScript through Alfred.

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I would recommend using automator for this, you can call it from Alfred to make it easy :)

My current automator workflow does this:

Click the "bluetooth" menu bar item.
Connect to Network

Using this method you can automate almost anything within a minute

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