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I just found a really great application: Mini vMac, a Mac Classic emulator (simple and one that actually works). Is there a place where I can find some actual software that was meant for the original Macintosh? I think someone I know might have some boxes of floppies, so would it be possible to copy files off of them? I don't want modern software that was made for emulators. Would the Apple website have some hidden like how they have old System 6+ downloads?

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Apple's website has a page dedicated to Older Software Downloads for systems earlier than 8.1.

(They also still have a support page for OS 9, but the Downloads link on this page just links to the current OS X downloads page.)

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Thanks! I didn't see that they also had other software. – CoffeeRain Mar 23 '12 at 18:35

In addition to AppleCare's Older Software Downloads list, there are a few other sites that host old Macintosh software, including Software for Classic Macs and Info-Mac Archive.

Wikipedia's list of old Macintosh software should also help you get names of specific applications.

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Macintosh Garden is another good source.

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