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Every once and a while my iMac drops my Wi-fi network and then refuses to see it until I reboot.

What's interesting is typically I only see one maybe 2 available wi-fi networks that are not my own. When the problem occurs I can see about 7 or 8 (most of them are duplicates, example: "LastName's Network", "LastName's Guest Network")

What's up? Is this just interference?

Note: I live in a neighborhood but my house is right next to a hill. There is only one house close enough that I would expect to get a signal from.

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Try changing the AirPort (or non-Apple wireless device) to a diffent channel. – timothymh Mar 23 '12 at 3:12
Thanks for the tip. I actually do this semi-regularly to solve this problem:… – Randyaa Mar 23 '12 at 3:14
KisMac, (free WiFi survey tool) may give you some more information - e.g. whether there are (and how strong) other signals near your channel - perhaps popping up now and then, do all signals seem to attenuate when one does, does it confirm the multiples your Airport card reports? It does sound rather like an Airport or OS issue, but you might be able to learn something more. – JRobert Mar 24 '12 at 14:24

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