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There's a page I frequently access on my iPhone that's protected by HTTP authentication, and I'm finding it annoying having to type in my username and password every time I want to access it. I tried saving the logged-in page as a home screen icon, but I'm still prompted every time. There isn't option to save my password when I'm logging in, and I can't find one in the settings either.

Is this possible?

example authentication screen to show what I'm referring to

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It seems that Safari on iOS doesn't support this natively. You have a couple options:


If you're not too worried about security, you can embed the username and password in the link itself, and bookmark that:


(Also of note: it sounds like iOS may pop up a warning when you visit a link that includes a username and password.)


There is another browser called Atomic Web Browser [App Store link] that can autofill HTTP authentication, among many other neat features.

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Adding the username and password in the URL in a bookmark is clever - I can't find a way to do it on the device, but I'll try creating it on my Mac and syncing it over. Thanks! –  Kyle Cronin Mar 22 '12 at 22:17

You can do this with the app 1Password. You just have to use the browser inside of the app.

Create a login in the app with the appropriate URL, username and password.

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Mercury browser will also save Basic Authentication on iOS and is a free download.


Be sure to finish typing and then press "Save" before logging in. You may have to do it a couple times for different parts of the site.

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