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I have some playlists which exist on my iPod only; I lost them in iTunes the last time I did a backup. How can I get these (non-smart) playlists out of the iPod, and restore them to iTunes?

I have a 2nd gen iPod Nano, which I connect via USB to iTunes (v10.6.0.40) on a Windows 7 PC.

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There are several applications for doing this:


Yamipod is a freeware application that works on Windows, OS X, and Linux. It has a simple interface and looks very easy to use. There is a document on how to transfer songs from your iPod to your computer here. It is also an iPod manager and an alternative to using iTunes.



Transferpod logo
Transferpod is avaiable for both Windows and OS X. However, it is not free. It supports the iPod shuffle, the iPod mini, the iPod nano, the iPod classic, the iPod with video, the iPod touch, and the iPhone.

Key features:

  • iPod to computer transfer
  • Manage iPod playlists in an easy way
  • Organize entire iPod music/video for your convenience
  • Browse iPod file information in detail
  • Quick search your music and video file on iPod


iPod2iTunes is for Windows. It also is not free.

Features include:

  • Connect multiple iPods.
  • Drag and Drop Songs, Playlists or Video back to iTunes.
  • Move entire genres, albums and artists.
  • Keeps your playlists intact.
  • Enhanced searching and grouping of songs.
  • Find duplicate songs within iTunes and remove them quickly.
  • Optimizes iPod storage space.
  • Supports Virtual iPods.
  • Support for the latest 6th generation iPods. (excluding iPod Touch/iPhone)
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Wow! Is there no way to do this in iTunes? – KatieK Mar 22 '12 at 19:26
Nope. Unfortunately, iTunes is pretty restricting. – daviesgeek Mar 22 '12 at 19:54

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