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I'm accustomed to ctrl+x, ctrl+v combination to move files and folders using only the keyboard. Can I get the same functionality on OS X Lion?

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Yes, but it's a little different in Lion.

In both the move and the copy situation, you use ⌘ CommandC to put a file on the clipboard.

When pasting:

  • To copy the file to the new location, press ⌘ CommandV.
  • To move the file to the new location, press ⌥ Option⌘ CommandV.
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You could use cmd +x too : if I'm not mistaken, cut exists in Mac OS since the 10.4.8 version, it's just disable.

To get the combination cmd +x working, you could just enable it, by opening a terminal and run this command :

defaults write AllowCutForItems 1

You could re-disable it, by changing the final "1" to "0".


I didn't try this trick for a while, so it appears that it's not working under Lion (It's was working on leopard for me).

Anyway jtbandes's solution is the best way to do cut and paste :)

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The only problem is it doesn’t actually cut the files; it just copies them. – Mathias Bynens Mar 22 '12 at 10:16

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