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I have an Apple Remote that I used with a white plastic MacBook. I no longer have the MacBook, but still have the remote. What current Macs have an infrared receiver and can work with the Apple Remote? What current Macs do not have an infrared receiver and cannot work with the Apple Remote?

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Currently (March 2012) the MacBook Air and the Mac Pro are the only generally available macs that lack a built-in infrared receiver.

The white polycarbonate MacBook that is still available as a refurbished product and from educational sales channels also lacks an infrared receiver.

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Interesting... I wonder which model of white polycarbonate MacBook lost the receiver. – Daniel Mar 19 '12 at 5:48
The Mid 2009 non-unibody MacBook was the last. The late 2009 unibody model (first polycarbonate unibody) lacked it as well as the follow on 2010 model. – bmike Mar 19 '12 at 5:53

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