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Safari has a feature which removes duplicate first words of page titles form tabs, which is useful when sites' pages all begin with the same word or two. "Site Title | Page title 1" and "Site Title | Page title 2" show up as "Page title 1" and "Page title 2," for instance.

However, this can be annoying when two pages have the same first word, but are different, such as the two Ask Different pages, "Ask Different chat - chat.stackexchange.com" and "Ask a Question - Apple - Stack Exchange." These become "Different chat […]" and "a Question […]," which isn't very smart of Safari.

Is there any way I can control this to whatever extent possible?

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Hi, is your question still valid? –  myhd May 22 at 12:51
@myhd I'm not sure…I don't think so, but maybe. I don't know when it decides to truncate now, but the example posed in the question is no longer an issue. If I visit two questions on AD whose first tag is the same, Safari will helpfully remove it, but if I visit "Ask a Question" and "Ask Different", it does not (helpfully). Regardless, it might be worth keeping to see if there's a way to turn it off entirely, not just to prevent erroneous behavior from occurring. –  timothymh May 22 at 16:37
What version of safari are you using? It doesn't seem to happen with safari 8.0.6. Screenshot: i.imgur.com/KxTUxpp.png –  nelson2tm Jun 21 at 19:01
@nelson2tm Hm, doesn't seem to be happening for me either. Maybe it has been removed entirely. –  timothymh Jun 22 at 2:21

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