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I had to restore my iOS 5.1 iPhone from iCloud after recieving a replacement. Many of the thumbnails for photographs are now black. Is there a way to regenerate them?

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Wait and see. When I looked the following morning, the black thumbnails had all been regenerated automatically.

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I may have experienced something similar the other day when my new iPad (3) arrived, and I restored to it from my original iPad (1) backup. I happened to be in the Photos app (on the new iPad) when I initiated the syncing of my photos. When it completed, I noticed that all my albums were now there in the Photos app—that none had thumbnails.

Solution (worked for me): 1. quit Photos (tap-and-hold on any icon, wait for the "jiggles" and then tap on the red "x" for the Photos app). 2. re-launch the Photos app.

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My thumnails came back overnight. BTW I don't see the (x) on the Photos app at all when all apps are jiggling... – Stuart Woodward Mar 25 '12 at 12:33

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