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I'm trying to install the command line tools to get gcc, make, and other goodies after a Lion upgrade. I went to preferences/Downloads in XCode and attempted to install the command line tools. At the end of the installation, an error box appears with the following message:

The package “BluetoothSDK.pkg” is untrusted.

When I open up a terminal window and try to run gcc, the command is still not found.

Does anyone know why the apple developer tools installer is broken?

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Hmm - that could be the cause, but have you had a look at the installation log? When installer is running, you can type command+L and command+3 to show both the log window and all log messages. Perhaps some additional data will help us help you. –  bmike Mar 17 '12 at 23:08

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Just in case anybody comes here after me, I will leave an answer. I found that you can install the command line tools using a separate .dmg file at this link:


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