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For several years I've been using Apple Backup 3 for my periodic backups and then uploading them to my iDisk. Since iDisk is getting the axe in favor of iCloud I need to find another solution for periodic online backups.

What are some good alternatives to Apple Backup and iDisk? I still want the backups being periodic, so services like Dropbox isn't really that interesting to me. I also want the backups to be deleted locally as soon as it's uploaded, the transfer to be secure and the backup itself to be encrypted.

Also, if someone has any experience getting iDisk to work with services like Amazon S3 feel free to tell me about it.

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Since we can no longer access iDisk, this will need serious edits to make it useful again. – bmike Dec 5 '12 at 14:22

I know you said you wanted it periodic, but what's to stop you using dropbox and only opening up the app when you want to backup? You could make your entire home folder into your 'dropbox' and sync it once a week, or once a day, whichever you would prefer.

But, if that isn't ideal for you - I have heard that iDrive is good.

Also worth bearing in mind that there is a distinct chance of Apple pushing Mac Apps to use iCloud for their backups - which is only a solution in a limited number of cases, but it is coming.

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Although it doesn't quite meet your criteria of deleting backups locally, I chose BackBlaze after many months of pain and research in getting an ideal backup scenario working.

Here's my setup.

1tb drive connected to an AirPort Extreme which provides TimeMachine backups. Backs up everything. BackBlaze which is an online backup service for $5 per month which I allow to run continuously, although you can set up a schedule, or manual backups. Backs up user data not the OS, and you can specify exclusions or locations yourself. NAS (home built FreeNAS box) which I selectively copy data to from my system before any major tidy up sessions, or when I have important things to backup. I also use DropBox and SkyDrive to store documents, but this is mainly to facilitate sharing between devices so things are always up to date.

Before BackBlaze I had tried Mozy and Carbonite. Both caused many problems in failing to back things up, and I lost confidence in them. I've been using BackBlaze for almost 2 years now and even had to restore all my data once while away from home when I couldn't access my TimeMachine backup. if you want to take a look.

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