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When trying to mount an Windows file service over SMB (Samba) in Lion I get the following error when trying to write:

  % touch testfile.txt          
  touch: testfile.txt: Read-only file system

This happens both when connecting via Finder or mounting in the Terminal.

mount_smbfs -f 777 -d 777 //david.hall@fileserver1/wwwroot remote
Password for fileserver1: 

I have no problem reading the files and my user do have permission to write to the directories in question.

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I'm going to assume its windows server as you're mounting a wwwroot. Ensure your user david.hall has file permission access to the correct hierarchy not just share permissions. This is usually why stuff mounts as read-only from the win side.

OS X just mounts the share as normal unless you specify otherwise.

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Add force user to the share in smb.conf. (Change to the appropriate user name)...

force user = root 
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