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In Snow Leopard, to move a window to a different space, I had to use the mouse to select the window and use the keyboard to select the target space (e.g., ctrl + 1,2,3).

In Lion, what keyboard (maybe in slight conjunction with mouse as before) shortcuts can I use to move a window to a different desktop?

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Pressing the shortcuts for changing desktops while dragging a window should still work, but the shortcuts have to be enabled in System Preferences.

SizeUp supports for example assigning ⌃⇧→ to moving a window to the next desktop.

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Yeah, it works, but Ctl and -> keys are on the opposite side of the keyboard. That means two hands are required. Clicking the mouse (or track pad) with my third hand is inconvenient. This can be done IFF you have a non-Apple keyboard. – Bruce Jun 30 at 21:43

You can also (without modifying system settings) click and hold the window, hold down the control button, and drag to the edge of the screen.

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