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I have a nice stereo system that can dock and charge an iPod Nano 2nd generation.

I also have an iPod Touch 4 and a 6th gen Nano (or something).

The old docks charge using the firewire pin out and the new ones with the USB power pin out (if I understand correctly).

my google-fu is failing to find a dock adapter that will swap the pinout so I can dock my newere nano into the older dock and play and charge. (It plays now but won't charge)

Is anyone aware of such a product?

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The Charging Adapter from Scosche should work for you. I used one of these in a car that had a iPod dock for the radio, but used the older Firewire pinout, and therefore would not work well with a newer iPhone.

This one looks slightly different than the one I had, but it should be the same thing. Griffin I think also makes a similar product. Its a common problem for car radios, so maybe searching for that will help find similar products.

Update: The Scosche Passport is what we actually have. This worked great connecting a newer nano, iPhone 4 and 4S to a Firewire charging deck.

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Excellent thanks :) – THEMike Mar 30 '12 at 7:17

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