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I've a lot of ancient ClarisWorks documents and I want to upgrade to OS X Lion. Is there a way to have a look at or to print ClarisWorks document on Lion?

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Do you own Pages? It will open ClarisWorks text documents. Numbers will open Clarisworks spreadsheets. – Richard Mar 7 '12 at 22:33
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From one of the Apple Discussion forums, one user found a tool that could handle batch conversions of Claris Works documents:

Panergy Software had just the right tool for me. It's called Doc X Converter. I haven't used it yet, but I emailed with their tech support and I understand that it will batch convert Apple Works and Claris Works files to .rtf files, which, of course, will open fine with any version of Word. (They no longer sell One Click Convert.) However, it'll only convert the word processor files.

The Panergy product page has a link to a FAQ, which states:

The cwk file extension is the extension associated with an Office program originally called ClarisWorks and later renamed AppleWorks. This Office program is composed of several modules, word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, painting, presentation and database. The cwk extension is used for all the files regardless of the module that has created them and is also used in both version 5 or version 6 of this program. docXConverter open and converts the cwk word processing files of version 5 or version 6.

So long as the ClarisWorks documents are version 5 or 6 and are word processing documents, this tool should provide the functionality that you're looking for.

Caveat: I've never used docXConverter before, but the product description looks promising.

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I recently recovered some ClarisWorks 3.0 documents using a 68k emulator. I wrote up my experiences here:

Emulation may not be the most direct way to do this, but it's certainly the most fun!

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