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I need to run a Mini DisplayPort cable from a last generation Xserve to a circa late 2010 iMac so I can directly share the iMac's display while I set up the Xserve.

Apple no longer carries Mini DisplayPort cables at their stores here in NY. No one at the store could tell me if I could use a Thunderbolt cable with the hardware I have.

So, a hopefully simple backwards compatibility question: Can I use a Thunderbolt cable to connect the Mini DisplayPort of the Xserve to the Mini DisplayPort of the iMac?

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According to this source, you will not be able to use a Thunderbolt cable in this fashion.

You can, however, get a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable from Monoprice for about $5 and that should work just fine.

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@Mat_Love I hoped for something I could get in NY today, but you've given me the right answer. Thanks. – Jagra Mar 3 '12 at 17:10

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