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I know that once I have subscribed to a given app, that I have granted permissions to the author to access various bits of information. but,my question is - what happens when I delete the app from my phone and library?

Is the author of the app simultaneously and unilaterally denied the future ability to gather anything more from my phone? Is it possible that while the app is deleted, the app developer is allowed to maintain a mechanism which continues to gather information (and presumably which I was told about in the original T's and C's which I agreed to) ?

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If the app is deleted, so are all connections to said developer. It wouldn't get through the approval process if it was allowed to continue farming your data, plus it'd need to stay on your phone for this to work.

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Agreed. On a non-jailbroken phone, apps can't leave bits of themselves behind. Deleting an app removes all traces of its code from your device. That said, if they've pulled data from your phone to some remote location, they've still got it. They just can't gather any more once their app is removed. – Dan J Mar 3 '12 at 2:46
THank you for the courtesy of your replies. Very helpful. – Steve Mar 5 '12 at 23:38
Hi Steve, could you mark it answered please? – Digitalchild Mar 6 '12 at 4:08

Each app runs in a "sandbox" which isolates it from the rest of the phone / other apps on the phone. Access to the OS is limited by the functions a developer is provided to use. When an app is deleted it's entire sandbox is removed so nothing is left of that application. If however you gave data to the app and the app sent that information to the developer over the internet and/or you gave the app permission to use your facebook data offline for example, the developer could continue to access your facebook data from facebook until you deauthroised that app on the facebook platform for example.

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On a side note, remember to check your Newsstand folder. You might have apps you forgot about in there. They could be little background lurkers. This folder is seaky and doesn't display the app unless you open newsstand. I forgot about one for almost a year. Some of these apps use "background app refresh" to gather and or update content.

Settings - General Settings - Background App Refresh

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