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I have a PDF file that has been password protected. I know the password. The password's only use, in our case, is to protect the PDF during email transmission. Now that I have the PDF, I'd like to remove the password, as it is annoying to have to look-up and type it in every time I want to use the PDF.

In a pre-Lion version of Preview, I was able to print and "Save As PDF" to create a copy of the file that didn't have a password. However, when I try the same maneuver in Lion, the "Save as PDF" entry is greyed-out.

Is there some other software (preferably free) that would let me save the PDF without the password? Some other thing I can do to the file to enable Preview to "Save as PDF"?

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Open the document in Preview, select File > Duplicate, enter the file location and save a copy.

You can do a similar thing with File > Export.

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+1, simple answer that just works! –  JW8 Mar 1 '12 at 17:31
It keeps asking me for password saying "Without the owner password, you do not have permission to duplicate this document". I am on Mountain Lion, btw. –  ilight Apr 30 '13 at 6:21
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