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We are running a Mac server (10.6) in our school district to share videos that teachers have created. I have found that Internet Explorer and Firefox could have a problem viewing the videos, but have found the fix for that if needed in this knowledge base article:

The problem that we are having involved uploading audio or video as an attachment to a wiki. This error only occurs when a teacher is using Internet Explorer, which is the vast majority of our users.

What seems to happen is when uploading a video with any other browser, the wiki creates code like this:

<img src=" g%20as%20an%20mp4%20%281%29.mp4.png" name="{&quot;isMovie&quot;: true, &quot;width&quot;: 640, &quot;height&quot;: 360}" title="Download file &quot;Saving as an mp4 (1).mp4&quot;" longdesc="/groups/ourgroupname/wiki/69e6e/attachments/bc1c7/Saving%20as%20an%20 mp4%20%281%29.mp4" alt="Download file &quot;Saving as an mp4 (1).mp4&quot;" class="attachment_handle_img quicklookable">
<span class="quicklook"></span></a>

When you upload the same file with Internet Explorer, it creates code like this:

<a class="attachment quicklookable" href="/groups/ourgroupname/wiki/69e6e/attachments/d1747/Saving_as_an_mp4_%281%2 9.mp4">
<img src=" g_as_an_mp4_%281%29.mp4.png" alt="Download file &quot;Saving_as_an_mp4_(1).mp4&quot;" class="attachment_handle_img quicklookable" longdesc="/groups/ourgroupname/wiki/69e6e/attachments/d1747/Saving_as_an_mp4_%2 81%29.mp4" title="Download file &quot;Saving_as_an_mp4_(1).mp4&quot;">
<span class="quicklook"></span></a>

The user sees no errors, and can download their video, but can not use the quicklook function of the wiki to watch the video right in the webpage. I have seen this happen for .mp4 and .mp3 files, but .pdf files seemed to work correctly, no matter the which browser uploaded the file. Any idea why the browser a user has would cause the wiki to create different code when a video is uploaded? I was hoping the local genius bar would be able to help, but they had no ideas.

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