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I am using FaceTime and calling my friend abroad. I am using an iPod touch, but my friend has an iPhone and is in an area where they have Wi-Fi access. My question is, does that "call" count toward data or voice minutes, or is it unlimited and free as it's all going over Wi-Fi?

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According to Apple Support:

Check that each person has an active Wi-Fi connection.

Since both parties must use Wi-fi, no cellular data or voice usage will be charged.

More information can be found in this Apple.SE post, as it may be possible to use Facetime over 3G if the phone is jailbroken.

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No cellular data is supposed to be used when accessing FaceTime in an area with wifi. But in order to be sure of this it's smart to turn off cellular data in your settings to avoid any fishy usage activity. It's located in Settings>General>Celullar.

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It is unlimited and free because it is over wifi. Video chat as much as you want for free

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Can you explain this further or cite a source that confirms it? – Nathan Greenstein Feb 27 '12 at 2:04
@NathanGreenstein… – Coder404 Feb 27 '12 at 2:11

Unless they our friend's iPhone is jailbroken to run FaceTime over 3G, the call should be free as it's a WiFi only data connection.

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