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Somehow I managed to have a link to a document in my Finder sidebar (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 10.6). It does show up under my “Places” category on the left. I can move it around and it sticks where I put it, but I can’t remove it from the sidebar.

If I perform a right click on it, the only option it gives me is “Open Sidebar Preferences...”, while that menu on a folder also gives me the option to remove it from the sidebar. I can not simply pull it away using drag and drop. It can not be focused, so I can’t even hit Cmd+Backspace or Fn+Backspace (for Del).

Any ideas? I want to remove it from the Sidebar and I guess I need to tweak some properties file. What to do?

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This behavior got changed with the 10.6.7 update - apparently to avoid accidental deletion from the sidebar. Now the behavior is consistent with removing system icons from the menubar.

Hold the -key while dragging the icon away from the sidebar to remove it.

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