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OS 10.6

How do I find where the file for a particular mp3 that I can see in iTunes is?

-- How can I see what folder a track is in?

-- And how do I know which file in that folder it is?

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Select the song in iTunes and type ++R to trigger Show in Finder.

Alternatively, you can also right-click the item in iTunes and choose this option from the contextual menu.

From there, you can navigate up the folder hierarchy by holding the -key and clicking on the folder in the window title bar. You might also want to enable Show Path bar in finder.

enter image description here

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There are three ways:

  • Get Info for the track or use +I. Navigate to the Summary tab, and it says the file's path in the Finder.

  • Right-click the track and select "Show in Finder," and the file will be selected in a new Finder window.

  • Open iTunes preferences. Go to the General tab and make sure the "organize files automatically" option is ticked (that isn't the real name of it; I'm not at a computer with iTunes). The iTunes file hierarchy in Finder will be organized according to Artist and Album, making it easy to navigate manually.

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