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Is it possible to access the right click/context menu of the currently selected item (not the item under the mouse) by way of using a keyboard shortcut?

If not, is there any way to achieve this, either by Applescript or utility?

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Related questions here and on Super User. Neither mentions any viable solutions at the moment though. –  ؘؘؘؘ Feb 21 '12 at 22:39

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There is no way in general on the Mac to determine the screen coordinates of the current insertion point. So there is no way to automate a click at the current insertion point.

In some apps, there might be a way to get the coordinates via AppleScript, or it might be possible to get them using some sort of private API or other system hackery, but there is no general solution to this problem that is supported by Apple APIs.

It is, apparently, quite a common UI gesture on Windows, but it is not something you can do on the Mac.

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The context menu can primarily be opened by a right mouse click only. But in the Universal Acces settings in the System Preferences we can control mouse keys by using the keyboard number pad. When activated, a right mouse click then can be achieved by Ctrl+5 on a keyboard with a numpad or Fn+Ctrl+i on a laptop. This will allow you to 'right-click' your word.

Go to System Preference --> Universal Access --> Mouse --> Enable Mouse Keys (ON) Go to System Preference --> Universal Access --> Mouse --> Enable Mouse Keys (ON)

Found on: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11238186/1919382

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One could probably write an Applescript that moved the mouse over the selected item and do a right-click. Other than that, no, I don't believe there is a way.

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I was also looking for this kind of feature and found a good alternative.

Most context menu items in OS X can also be found in the top menu bar, and you can access this with a keyboard shortcut. By default it's set to ctrl+F2, however this often doesn't work. You can change the binding on the Keyboard preference pane.

This this post has more details http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57591609-263/access-menus-via-the-keyboard-in-os-x/

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Nice answer. I have been using this workaround for quite a while as well. Unfortunately there are still plenty of actions that are only in the context menu.. –  Vic Jang Mar 23 at 8:20

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