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I've been using the music service Rhapsody for over a month now, and I really like it on my iPhone. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time in front of my computer, programming. I'm kind of so-so on the web client for Rhapsody, and I particularly would like to be able to download songs to my Mac. I don't have access to a (legally obtainable) copy of any version of Windows, so VirtualBox/Parallels/etc. is out. Wine doesn't really work with the Windows Rhapsody client. Has anyone else encountered and/or solved this problem? Switching from Rhapsody to some other service isn't really an option either, since so far, at least, no other "all-you-can-eat" music service has an iPhone app with downloading allowed.

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will someone who can create tags tag this one with Rhapsody? – David Hollman Nov 17 '10 at 14:43

Spotify has all that, but I’m not sure if you can use it in your country. Have you tried it?

UPDATE I found out that you’re in the USA, and Spotify only works in a few European Countries… unless you’re a “Premium” user; the catch is that you need to create your account from within Europe. I.e.: if you are european and want to travel, you can “take your music with you”… if you’re not a free user. Otherwise you can only use Spotify for 14 days until you return to your country. sorry about that.

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What about Napster? They have an iPhone and a web client and their pay scheme and service is similar to Rhapsody:

Find your favorite music in Napster’s catalog of 9 Million songs. Buy songs on your phone, they will be sent to your computer so you can transfer them to your phone, MP3 player, or iPod®

Listen without downloading on any connected computer—PC or Mac, desktop or laptop. Get instant music at home, at work, at a friends house, at a party... you get the picture.

Pricing plans:

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Rhapsody has a web client and a iPhone app, and the web client for Napster is pretty much the same. Except Napster is a step worse than Rhapsody, since they don't even have a downloadable client for Windows; they have no downloadable client at all. – David Hollman Nov 18 '10 at 16:41
Mind explaining the benefit of a downloadable client and why you would want that? You don't have access to the internet? Also, your statement: "since so far, at least, no other "all-you-can-eat" music service has an iPhone app with downloading allowed." is incorrect. The Napster service has an iPhone app that let's you download songs. Your question, overall, is very confusing and I don't know quite what you are looking for. Could you explain yourself better? Are you looking for a music manager to replace iTunes? I don't see why having a desktop client is imperative. – Alex Nov 18 '10 at 22:48

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