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I'm trying to upload a photo from my iPhone 4 to a website. However, the browse button to display the select file dialog is disabled. Normally this works fine on my Windows PC. Should I be able to select image files to upload from Safari on iPhone?

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I just tried Opera Mini and while the choose button is not greyed out, tapping it doesn't do anything. How can I do this? –  GiddyUpHorsey Nov 17 '10 at 9:50
I see absolutely no reason why the "Browse" button on browsers on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) shouldn't be allowed to access the Photo albums (containing photos and video clips recorded using the build-in camera). This wouldn't be a security problem, nor a usability problem since it would not expose a file-system as such, but merely exposing a visual navigation of the photos. –  Morten Hattesen May 10 '11 at 20:27

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Specifically the browse button is disabled because there isn't a file browser (like Windows Explorer/Finder) on the iPhone. Most people don't notice that, because the iOS is designed around avoiding the need for a user interface to the iPhone's file system.

For simplicity's sake file management is turned into a programing problem instead of a user problem. For security's sake applications can't directly access the documents of other applications.

As Jawa mention, a lot of sites have iPhone applications to allow uploads.

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No, uploading from mobile Safari is not possible. That's why about every other site that utilizes user uploads (e.g. Flickr, Facebook, Picasa) have either made their own upload app for the iPhone, or there are some apps that can handle many sites, such as Pixelpipe.

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As of iOS 6, Mobile Safari now supports file (image) uploads, from the Camera Roll, albums, and photostreams. Note that iOS 6 is only available for the iPhone 3GS and newer.

Note that images uploaded may suffer from recompression. See my related question on this topic here.

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You can't upload files using mobile Safari.

Even though, you can either use iCab Mobile browser which support file upload or can use native iOS applications which are seamless integrated with a webspage. Here are some of them:


Aurigma Up

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You can enable the browse button in Mobile Safari using a Cydia App.

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