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I'm a bit confused.

I've installed a bunch of libraries (e.g. vtk, gsl,...) that I need for a c++ project for school. I used homebrew to install them (luckily there were formulas available).

My question is, does Homebrew link these into /usr/include or something comparable? Or is this something I would need to do manually?

Homebrew usually does this kind of stuff for executables, yet I can't seem the find the libraries anywhere other than in the /usr/local/Cellar/... directories. I have a bunch of libraries installed so I can't simply use -L/... for each of them.

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Shouldn't whatever is in the Cellar be linked to the /usr/local? If it is a project, then I'd suggest using a Makefile; it would make things easier, does it not? – ismail Feb 17 '12 at 12:09
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They are usually linked in /usr/local/lib. If they are not there, try brew link <library-you-are-installing>; that should solve it.

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didn't know that thanks! – romeovs Feb 17 '12 at 15:40

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