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I am downloading some iTunes U content in iTunes and am getting

stopped (err = -3259)

on a number of the downloads. I was hoping to find a list of err codes, but no luck. Found a lot of forum posts for other error numbers, but not that one.

Any help?

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I turned off "Allow simultaneous downloads" and now it is consistently downloading without a problem.

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As I search some I find that it happen because of antivirus:

What seemed to work for me was disabling anti-virus software during the load process. I killed my antivirus and then hit refresh on all of the podcasts that failed with err = -3259 and they all finished successfully.

Long term I think we need to get apple to resolve this issue, but in the meantime you can temporarily disable your anti-virus, complete your downloads and then bring the anti-virus back up.

And some where said that it because parental control:

Some of our users are reporting that unchecking Podcasts from the Parental Controls preference pane has resolved the issue. For some of our customers, simply going into: Edit - Preferences - Parental Control and unchecking Podcasts

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It wasn't parental controls or anti-virus. I disabled the "Allow simultaneous downloads" and now it works fine. – Jim McKeeth Nov 15 '10 at 22:05

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