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I read contradictory informations, some say it's possible, some say it's not and Apple's Disk Utility is required.
I prefer to use Roxio Toast for its multi-purpose but I don't want to waste blank disks.
So is it possible and if yes how to make a bootable disk (DVD or CD) from an image (dmg, iso, toast, cdr...) ?
I also heard that it must be burnt at the slowest speed.

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May I ask why you need to use Toast rather than Disk Utility? – timothymh Feb 16 '12 at 14:10


  1. "Do not mount the Disk Image first!"
  2. Launch ""
  3. Click "Data" icon (upper left) and choose ISO 9660
  4. Select "Copy" icon (upper left) and choose Image File
  5. Click "Select" and "Choose a Disk Image File" from the dialog (do not drag and drop).
  6. Click "Burn" et voilà.

Disk Utility:

  1. Launch "Disk"
  2. Click "Burn" icon (upper left)
  3. "Select image to burn" from the dialog (do not drag and drop).
  4. Insert CD / DVD
  5. Click "Burn" using the dialog.

Most effective Option:

  1. Launch ""
  2. Use the following command(s). Replace "imagefile.dmg/.iso" with your dir and/or prefferd name.

    hdiutil convert imagefile.dmg -format UDTO -o imagefile.iso
    hdiutil burn Imagename.iso

This method uses the exact pre-installed function of "Disk" only without the GUI!

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Go to Copy > From Image File, put an image (dmg, iso, toast, cdr...) into the Toast. Burn.

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In my experience, it's simpler, cheaper and faster to use Disk Utility for bootable images.

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