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I've changed my MacBook UI to use hebrew in 10.7.3, but since then Safari refuses to upload files. Whenever I have a form with a file upload and I click "submit", the page reloads without submitting.

Also, it also seems to keep logging me out of StackExchange. (Whenever I open StackOverflow, I have to wait a few seconds to be logged back in.)

In trying to narrow down the cause, I have compared with Chrome. I haven't seen this consistently in Chrome on Mac, but it has occurred sometimes. It's consistently reproducible in Safari, but not in Chrome. My suspicion is having my system set to Hebrew somehow causes the "share link" in iTunes to generate links to the Spanish App Store. Might this be somehow related?

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Sounds like a bug to report to Apple, doubt there is any fix without action from them. – Tom Gewecke Apr 2 '12 at 22:37

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