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I just installed Mac OS X Lion Server and it doesn't have the Web tab in the services pane. This looked like it was supposed to come standard.

How else can I access the Web part of the server?

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Can you clarify where you're looking for the Web service (i.e. in, Server Admin, or the Sharing pane of System Preferences)? What're you seeing instead of it? Note: in Lion Server, the web service should be managed from, and should be listed under "SERVICES" in the sidebar... – Gordon Davisson Apr 5 '12 at 20:18

My guess is that you are using the wrong app: in Lion Server, you no longer set up web in Server Admin, you set it up in Server app.

Either this, or you are using a display with a very low resolution and the Server app window is too small to display all its services.

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You might need to refer to Lion Server: Advanced Admininstration. You will need to use the

Use the Server app to start web service.
 1. In the Server app, click Web.
  * If web service has never been turned on before, select Enable Service.
  * If web service was previously turned on, the Enable Service dialog doesn’t appear.
 2. Choose On from the pop-up menu under the service name in the Web pane.
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Thanks, but the service isn't even available to me. I cant turn it on or off. – user773578 Feb 16 '12 at 12:51

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