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The English language doesn't really include any accented words but other languages do.
Yet I like to write using accents and diacritics, as needed in each language (Romanian, French, German, etc.).

Unfortunately Mac OS X has never really made it easy to accent a letter before. Lion has simplified it, now accenting a letter is easy thanks to the Accent Menu -- example:

Accent Menu

Still, if you take Romanian as an example, most of the specific diacritics are not reachable via the Accent Menu:

  • a » ă
  • s » ș
  • t » ț

Is there a way to edit the Accent Menu to add the accents that are used for a specific language?

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This menu does include the Romanian diacritics when you're using the Romanian input source. I've provided a tutorial on quickly changing the input sources in:

How can you customize the keyboard layout / shortcuts?

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I've seen this asked quite a few times since Lion was released last year, but as far as I know, nobody has found how to customize it yet.

I don't think it is that difficult to make accented characters, however, with either the US or US Extended layouts. A chart is at

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