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I would love to be able to mirror the display of my iPad on a projector for use in a presentation. Is there any software available to do this - on the AppStore or if necessary for use with a jailbroken iPad?

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There's no official way to achieve this.

You have to jailbreak your iPad and use a software like DisplayOut (works on all iDevices) to do this.

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Wow - that was faster than I expected. :-) – Chealion Aug 24 '10 at 8:24
At your service, Sir. – Studer Aug 24 '10 at 8:41

Just for clarification:

With the iPad2, every app is mirrored on the VGA adapter by default, without any additional measures.

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As Studer mentioned, there is no official way to do so. you can use the DisplayOut software for Jailbroken iPads.

If you're more developer oriented, there is also this option

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