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I have several audio dramas that are in the audiobook (.m4b) format in iTunes. My problem is that when I sync my 5th gen iPod to iTunes, they don't show up in Music>Playlists, they show up under Music>Audiobooks. This is really driving me crazy, because I want the audiobooks in Music>Playlists, but the only workaround is to convert them to a different format. How do I easily convert the audiobooks to a standard audio file format that will show up in Music>Playlists on my iPod?

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I dug around for quite a long time to find this answer and finally found out that under the info box, there is a drop-down menu in the Info box under Info>Options:


And the drop-down menu allows you to choose where it will show up:

Options>Media Kind

All that converting was done for nothing...

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