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How do I connect to a remote server with a public key using Fugu? I'm using Amazon EC2, so I have .pem public key, but I'm totally new to Fugu and I can't see any form or input for the public key. In the "connect to" text input shall I enter in my public DNS?

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Fugu is really just a graphical front-end to the built-in ssh/sftp commands you could use in Terminal. I found a nice write-up for getting started with EC2 for MacOSX users by Robert Sosinski: Starting Amazon EC2 with MacOSX

Note that he walks you through some Terminal commands, including generating a new ssh keypair to connect to your chosen EC2 image. When you get that ready and can successfully connect to your EC2 server via ssh in Terminal, then you can use Fugu for further file transfers.

In the main Fugu window, if you expand "Advanced SFTP Options", you'll see a field where you can enter Additional SSH options. You could enter something like: -i ~/.ec2/ec2-keypair to indicate the appropriate ssh key to use. And in the example he gives, you would connect to

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Note: I found entering -i ~/PATH/TO/ec2-keypair.pem didn't work for me, but another workaround in the same field worked.

In the "Advanced SFTP Options", in the same Additional SSH Options dialogue enter:


So, for example, if your EC2 instance looks like

with your key being at the root and named


then the relevant input is:

Connect to:

Username: root

Additional SSH options: -oIdentityFile=~/ec2-keypair.pem

Hope it works for you!

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