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In Keynote and Pages (and other apps), I can set a preference in the Auto-correction pane to use smart quotes. However, I'm writing a bunch of slides that include code. When typing the code, I don't want to use smart quotes, as they are syntactically incorrect for the language I'm using. On the other hand, I often have descriptive text where I'd like to use the smart quotes.

I'm getting sick of bringing up the preferences pane several times in a row, just to switch my smart quotes preference back and forth. There has to be an easier way. I know that cmd-, makes getting to the preference pane easy, but then I have to click one or more mouse clicks.

Is there? Can I do something so that my smart quote choice is made as I type the quote?
Or is there a way to make the switching easier? Or can I map a different key somewhere to "smart quote"? That wouldn't be so bad -- hit the caps lock key for smart quote and the regular key for straight quotes. Oh, wait, I need to do that for apostrophe also. . .

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iWork '09 apps don't seem to have an Edit > Substitutions menu, but in ones that do you can set up a custom shortcut for toggling the Smart Quotes item:

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I came up with an entirely different suggestion. Turn off the automatic smart quotes altogether, and learn to type them manually instead.

On the U.S. standard keyboard layout:

Open printer's quote can be typed manually by Option-[.

Close printer's quote can be typed manually by Shift-Option-[.

Open printer's apostrophe can be typed manually by Option-].

Close printer's apostrophe can be typed manually by Shift-Option-].

So if you can train yourself to touch-type those key combinations, you can go back and forth from straight quotes to printer's quotes without needing to toggle system settings.

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Or you can customize these for a more sensible combination: – Charlie Gorichanaz Jan 16 '14 at 19:37
I do something similar. I dynamically choose between straight quotes and curly quotes, without even thinking about it. When I want straight quotes, I type ". When I want curly quotes, I type Option " or Option Shift ". I have a french keyboard. – Nicolas Barbulesco Mar 18 '15 at 15:39

You could probably use system prefs/language & text/text/symbol and text substitution to set up shortcuts for this.

Smart stuff already has keyboard shortcuts: Option and Option + Shift plus [, Option and Option + Shift plus ] on a US layout. “ ” ‘ ’ These could be remapped with Ukelele.

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