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I'm trying to listen to an album on my iPhone. The play plays the songs randomly. I would like to hear the album in sequence.

I also have playlists that I'd like to listen to in sequence.

When I look at the list of songs in the playlist the controls at the top available to me are "Edit" "Clear" "Delete" and under that "Shuffle". But "Shuffle" doesn't seem to be a toggle switch. It's more like it means "reshuffle."

So anyway where do I set the music play to just play the songs in order?

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Is it possible that you have shuffle enabled? The shuffle button in the playlist list is not a toggle, so that wouldn't tell you. Here's how you can find out:

enter image description here

If the shuffle icon is blue, it means your iPhone is playing on shuffle.

Something else you could check is if Shake to Shuffle is enabled:

enter image description here

If it is, you could accidentally activate shuffle without knowing it.

Hope this helps.

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