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I'm on Lion 10.7.3 and every now and then, hogs my CPU @ 100% for a little less than a minute, especially when there's something happening on Finder. I know that QTKitServer is the Quick Look server, but it seems its generating files unexpectedly or something of the sort.

Does anyone have a fix?

Note: This started happening when I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion.

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QTKitServer is actually a QuickTime component, it may be used by QuickLook to show previews. – Stu Wilson Oct 11 '12 at 12:44

Normally this is due to unfinished/corrupted video files in your downloads folder. I am assuming this is the case for you.

This should solve the problem:

  1. Open Finder an navigate to your downloads folder.

  2. Right-click and select Show View Options.

  3. Untick Show Icon Preview.

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I was informed that download apptamer would solve the problem. The activity was reduced significantly. Right now I'm on a 15 day trial. It appears from what I found here:, that others have found it useful too

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