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Is there any software or a procedure that would allow me to

  • log out of all services (gmail, dropbox etc.)
  • and/or delete any sensitive data remotely

...from a machine that has been stolen?

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iCloud's Find my Mac service allows for remote wipes, securely removing everything on the lost or stolen device. – user10355 Feb 11 '12 at 15:58
Related topic on Super User. – Daniel Beck Feb 11 '12 at 16:33

Find my Mac

Find my Mac is free and part of iCloud. Included features are:

  • localize your Mac (internet connection required, Email notification)
  • remotely lock your Mac to protect privacy
  • remotely wipe your hard drive
  • play a loud sound
  • display personal messages on the Mac

enter image description here enter image description here

You need a Mac computer with Lion to use this feature.

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Changing the password will log all devices out and force them to prompt for a new password. For things like web-based gmail, this stops them accessing your email.

Unfortunately, for things like Dropbox where the data is already on your computer it won't delete it - although you could use find my mac just to wipe the entire computer (provided it has an internet connection) and start again.

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Undercover by Orbicule

enter image description here

Undercover is the premier theft-recovery software for the Mac, iPhone or iPad. This revolutionary program helps you locate and recover your stolen devices. Thanks to the new UndercoverCenter web app, users can follow their stolen devices in real-time.

available for both OSX and iOS

  • recover a stolen mac
  • get the location
  • get photos of the thief
  • get screenshots of your OS

You can take a look at their recover stories.

A detailed description of how it works can be found on their website.

Money-back guarantee

If we can not recover your stolen Mac, we will fully refund Undercover. Of course we still offer our traditional money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with Undercover, you will get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.


You may note that this software will not immediately wipe your hard drive. This is very important, because your computer needs to be online for localization. This software acts in the background making a potential thief feel safe in using your computer. You can still see what a thief is doing by watching transmitted screenshots.

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Undercover can also simulate a hardware failure making the computer unusable within 30 minutes, even when the Mac is not online. – gentmatt Mar 20 '12 at 9:12

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