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When I look into I see that every 2 minutes one of the mac os programs (Safari, Mail, Keychain, Addressbook, WebProcess etc.) is giving an "Warning: accessing obsolete X509Anchors." error. How do I solve this problem?


Mac OS 10.6.8

Warning: accessing obsolete X509Anchors.

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Have you deleted any certificates from your Keychain? Or added any new Root level certificates? – Stu Wilson Feb 11 '12 at 21:33
This has been a long time ago, I just don't know :( But I have been looking at the X509Anchors Keychain and saw that there are 6 non trusted certificates in it, for example "Free SSL Certification Authority" – elhombre Feb 12 '12 at 11:25

Did you perhaps upgrade from an earlier version of OS X? Apparently this error is benign:

The X509Anchors keychain is harmless and can be left in place. If you do not use any third-party software that requires this keychain, it can be deleted.

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