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Is there a way to edit a manually dialed phone number before re-dialling? Occasionally I have a typo in the number or forgot to add the country code prefix.

The only ways to handle this I know so far is

  • write down the number and re-dial, or
  • copy the complete number, paste into a notes/text app, edit there, copy again and paste into the phone app.

Not exactly user friendly.

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I'm afraid you are correct in your assumption, once a number has been typed and a call initiated, it is not able to be edited within the phone app directly, and needs to be either sent to a new contact where you can then amend the number, or cut/paste elsewhere to allow you to make changes.

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Which is a shame IMHO. – Bernd Feb 10 '12 at 15:34
Quite true, I think the idea is that if you use a number more than once, you add a contact. And if you only use it once then a little finger trouble isn't so bad. – stuffe Feb 10 '12 at 15:46

I found that using VoIP apps, you can edit a number after copy/pasting into the calling/dialing field, but you cannot do this with the native iPhone app.

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